Next Jam is… Saturday 6th September

After a brief sojourn playing out at the Yorkshire House for our August jam we’re back at Monosapians’ cradle of grime for the next event. As ever it’s a open door jam-happening, food provided and as much electricity as your gear can consume.

(I say open door that’s probably not strictly speaking true. If I’ve ever had cause to eject you from any of my houses in the past for repeated uncouth behaviour then unless you’ve grown up you’re probably still not massively welcome. Just pointing it out in case in the the intervening years you’ve also become a lawyer, in which case you’re probably doubly barred.)

Usual very approximate times; 3pm – 9ish and if you have heavy gear that you would like to be picked up in a 1-2pm time slot then let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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