My current new favourite.. Stung by an elk

“Stung by a elk” was recorded at the May 2014 jam using a new set up. In an explosion of scrounged, purchased and cobbled together technology we tried our usual live jam but with each instrument routed through an 8 track digital recorder.

This created a few issues for our percussion contingent (relegated to the drummers corner aka – the kitchen) and meant those playing electric instruments didn’t hear the sound through their individual amps but through wall mounted speakers. Which may have sounded better, if they’d both worked.

Bill.I.Us’s contact at a local seat of learning insisted they both were at the point they were torn off the lecture theatre walls.

Bearing in mind that half the contributors couldn’t hear what the other half were doing the results weren’t too bad. Plus the ability to digitally record up to eight simultaneous tracks means we can mix, EQ, compress and effect after the event. And all those knobs, sliders and faders…. yum yum!


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