Jam Dates for 2015

Decadent Marsupial Jam Dates for first half of 2015 – subject to general approval by anyone who cares to proffer an opinion:

Saturday 7th February
Saturday 7th March
Sunday 5th April (Bank Holiday weekend)
Sunday 3rd May (Bank Holiday weekend)
Saturday 30th May
Saturday 12th June
Saturday 11th July
Saturday 8th August

Unless otherwise indicated times are 3pm – 9pm except on Bank Holiday weekends where we may go on a little later. Again unless otherwise decided by anarchocratic collectivist deliberation assume that the jam location is at Monosapians’ domicile of eternal solipsism. Or possibly the Lancaster Musicians’ Co-Op. Or maybe just the outdoor jam-friendly location with good access, electricity, sunshine and clear star-lit nights that we’ve yet to find..

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