There have been a few different incarnations of the Decadent Marsupials jam, the first instances evolving in the late 1990′s in a cellar where Lancaster based arthouse electro rock band Agenda rehearsed. Around the turn of the millennium the venue changed to a different cellar, the flat of the yet-to-become Monosapian who played bass for Lancaster based arthouse goth rock band Mirrorkill and dabbled in embryonic sound happenings with future Marsupials.

Under multiple guises such as CJD featuring The Punk Poet (circa 1998CE), LeSamDa (circa 2001CE), The Lost Tribe of Dan (circa 2002CE), Monosapians (circa 2002CE) and M3 (circa 2003CE) the Decadent Marsupials finally stumbled into existence at a jam held in a converted commercial unit on an industrial estate in 2004. Semi-regular meetings took place from 2005 onwards, often at the legendary Lancaster Musicians’ Co-Op or at the residence of infamous dilettante Ouroborous Bumblebee.

In late 2012 the Marsupials kicked things up a gear, establishing a monthly session alternating between the domiciles of Bumblebee and Monosapian who now lived above ground level next to the estuarial flats of the River Lune. The acquisition of a digital audio recorder also allowed for a step change in the quality of sound playback even if it did little to improve the actual calibre of playing.

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