The Decadent Marsupials is a jam band, we make it up as we go along. There’s no plan, so style, no real purpose, and the outcome is different depending on who is participating and what instruments they are playing. That being said we have tried making up some genres:

lofi psychedelic / estuary blues / temporary autonomous zone houseband / psychonautical shanty / grungefunk / electric temple reel / spacefolk / lofi clogwork disco-rd-rock / psychill / free groove

Our one unbiased comment from a complete stranger said: “It’s like blues on the Ganges, which flows through the Appalacians. On a heath.” Whatever that would sound like.

For some musings on what influences us (in terms of who we would love to play on a bill with) see here.

If you forced us to pick one thing that unifies most of the regular participants I think we’d probably agree that we love krautrock and general bizarreness from the same 70′s era, so whenever we make a sound that could even vaguely classified as Kosmiche we are happy. But we’re also into a massively diverse range of other musical styles and the one rule is that everything is welcome. People turn up, play and we see what happens..

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