Watchtower of the North


Krautrock & ElectroTempleReel tracks from 2014

November and December – Decadent Midwinter Meets

A collection of tracks from two different jams, with excerpts from the November Marsupial gathering (Monosapian, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Bill.I.Us, Grey Rasputin, Mariana Trenchcoat) and new uploads being added from the December Quislings V Marsupials event held with great volume at the Lancaster Musicians Co-Op (with Quislings’ R & Rb, Grey Rasputin, A>T>A, Mariana Trenchcoat, Bill.I.Us, C{o}N, Monosapian), which included the killer synth skills of Quisling Rb and his impressive box of kit – not to be confused with Quisling R and his cacophonous box of tricks. Winter has come to the Watchtower of The North. It’s cold here now but we’re huddling around the flickering light of a tube amplifier and playing on..


October 4th – Marsupial Autumnal Jam

Back indoors and nursing various injuries and ailments Featuring an all too brief return from Endendros Bacchus. Participants were: Quislings R, Mariana Trenchcoat, A>T>A, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Bill.I.Us, Grey Rasputin, Monosapian, Endendros Bacchus.


August 9th – Marsupials V Quislings @ The Yorkshire House

This was our first vaguely public outing, taking up some of the spare time after loading in and before paying public turned up to watch Mirrorkill & Quisling Meet play at the Yorky. With both Quislings’ R and O in fine form and a passing murmur of five non-jamming people “watching” the action we actually broke Grey Rasputins’ duck of swearing he’d never play in front of an audience… Participants were: King Nat, Quislings R & O, Mariana Trenchcoat, Limelight, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Bill.I.Us, Grey Rasputin, Monosapian.

Aug 2014

April – July 2014 Marsupial Jam at Monosapians’ bogside bothy

Things are a bit 70′s (again), with some wonderfully deranged electronic randomisations ramming head on into three-way guitar riffing. With a couple of full moon jams in a row it’s no small wonder things turned out as relatively coherent as they (sometimes) are. These were our first jams with the ability to mix individual instruments post-recording. Participants were Mariana Trenchcoat, Quisling R, Metal Dogz, Bill.I.Us, King Nat, MonoSapian, Ourobourus Bumblebee and Grey Rasputin.


Tags: psychedelic rock, jam, space rock, d.i.y. music, improvisation, krautrock, lancaster.

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  1. I think I’ve fixed the issue raised by Cockneyreject relating to some of the audio files not working. Unfortunately to do so I had to kill the page so the comments have also disappeared. But there were loads of them. Honest.

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