Compilation ‘Albums’

We generate a lot of awful recordings. Every now and again we do stumble across improvised tracks which are actually not that bad. We’ve waved some of these under the nose of a badger sat at a mixing desk and compiled them into roughly sequential collections. All of the music is recorded live in one take (in some cases via one microphone), so like us we hope you value plucky determination in the face of overwhelming improbability over sound quality.

Mourning of the Age of Reason - Post-structural music for a post-fact world (2017)
Grey Rasputin

Metamorphosis of the Galvanic Goblins – Tuned out drop in’s turning up (2016)

Exoterica – Safe storage for jam material from the latter part of 2015 and beyond

Sol Invictus Luna Aeterna – Discordian devotional music from the liminal zone (2015)
Sol Invictus Luna Aeterna

Watchtower of the North – Psychedelic 70′s sounds from ’14

Chunderbird Rising – Krautrock and psychedelic estuary blues inspired jamtracks from 2013



Unicorn Attack Squad – chillout to some ambient subspacerock (2013)

You are feeling very groovy

You are feeling very groovy

Marsupial Set List

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