Sol Invictus Luna Aeterna

Sol Invictus Luna Aeterna

Now updated with new cacophonous audio-scree from January – August 2015.

We kicked off this page with a selection of tracks from the jam held on New Years’ Eve 2014. At this stage it’s intended as a home for the less kraut-rocky and more hippypsychedelicous tracks but who knows what will happen next..

Sol Invictus was a late Roman pagan god probably heavily syncretised from the more Levantine cult of Mithras. The name means ‘Unconquered Sun’ and a pre-Christian winter solstice feast was held on his birthday of 25th December which in the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE topped off the 6 days of even-more ancient Saturnalia, the festival of light and disorder held in midwinter. Luna Aeterna we made up as an extrapolation of a female Moon cult counterbalance and does not have (as far as we know) any kind of actual historical validity. Like it matters.

September Jam
In the absence of Marianna Trenchcoat it was our first ever all-male gathering, the high incidence of thunderous drumming and weeping guitars is surely purely coincidental. Softer, spacier moments occasionally interjected, however on the whole it was a hitting things and making wonderful/horrible noises kind of jam. Participants were: Bill.I.Us, Monosapian, Metaldogz, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Grey Rasputin.


Acoustic August over the river
Turning season pilgrimage to Dunquestin for a (mostly) acoustic jam that at times ended up sounding something like a hillbilly radiophonic methlab. Participants were: Metaldogz, Grey Rasputin, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Marianna Trenchcoat, Monosapian, Bill.I.Us.


July Structural Interval
From chaos comes order. Order that’s a bit rubbish. Enjoy! Participants were: Bill.I.Us, MetalDogz, Monosapian, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Grey Rasputin, Marianna Trenchcoat.


June New Moon Jam
Unexpected scheduling shifts jam’s from full to new moon, make of that what you will. Second Musicians’ Co-op meeting in a row and a heady temporary autonomous zone upgrade to Room 1. Plus we managed to remember to press record on everything this time. Participants were: Quisling R, Marianna Trenchcoat, King Nat, Ourobourus Bumblebee, MetalDogz, Grey Rasputin, Bil.I.Us, Monosapian.


May Day Jam & May Moon Jam
No May Pole or wicker man this year, instead percussion aplenty. We celebrated the imminent departure of fellow Marsupial A>T>A to a new life as a Gnome of Zurich in the home of international high finance. Yes, we were also somewhat stunned. We’ve rolled together outtakes from jams at the beginning and end of May and this month we learned about minor phantom power miscalculations, compression algorithms, the joys of delay, second-confirmation protocols for pressing the record button and how many drummers you can fit into a kitchen (the answer is four). Participants were: A>T>A, MetalDogz, Quisling R, Grey Rasputin, Mariana Trenchcoat, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Monosapian, Bill.I.Us.


April Fools’ Jam
Musical misrule on Easter Sunday. Rather than wait until a modest number have been mixed we’re going to add bearable sections of the April Jam as each are hammered and pounded into something approaching shape. Not a pretty shape.. Participants were: King Nat, Grey Rasputin, Mariana Trenchcoat, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Monosapian, Bill.I.Us, Metaldogz

March Jam
The inclusion of a d.i. box embarrassed us into making an effort toward micing the guitars. Resulting overload of tracks causes significant slow down in mixing. Participants were: Mariana Trenchcoat, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Bill.I.Us, Metaldogz, Grey Rasputin, Monosapian.


February Imbolcshevik Jam
There were people, we made noise. It’s still cold but getting a bit lighter. That makes us happy. Participants were: Bill.I.Us, Metaldogz, Quisling R, Monosapian, Grey Rasputin, Mariana Trenchcoat, Ourobourus Bumblebee.

New Years Eve 2014 Jam
It was cold and wet. But we had whiskey and music so we didn’t care. Participants were: Quisling R, Mariana Trenchcoat, King Nat, Ourobourus Bumblebee, Bill.I.Us, Grey Rasputin, Monosapian.


There is also a track called Well Alrighty but for whatever reason it won’t play after it’s been uploaded for about 24 hours.. which is curious.

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