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We’re generally quite a creative lot and as such we enjoy making images as well as music. Here’s a collection of Decadent Marsupial themed pictures that have cropped up over past couple of years.

One thought on “Image Archive

  1. After accidentally stumbling upon this website and being the first to do so I must implore you to take it down.
    Now I realize that you young folks want to ‘Whack that thang’ or
    ‘Shake your bottie’s’ but it just not yet hip enough. Speaking as a totally unbiased part time professional music listener and as someone who asks you to forget the lack of commas and full stops in this constructive critique.
    what you need to do is bring out more of that very awesome and clearly musically talented and some would say going by his erotically charged portrait that abnormally gifted fellow Grey Rasputin. His soulful rendition of ‘The Widget’ brought rapturous tears of joy to my ears. And just a last thought about the band name I mean really what a mouthful. How about
    say ‘Grey Rasputin etc’ which has a snappy feel and is media friendly.
    I will eagerly watch out for more of his work and etc of course and just remember as someone once said E PLURIBUS UNUM.

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