Is it music or is it a meaningless collection of sounds? A receptacle for the safe storage of jam material from the latter part of 2015 and beyond.

April borstday jam
Hey, I’ve got a cool idea; why don’t we leave shitloads of synths lying around, that’d sound awesome won’t it? If you like the idea of free doom/jazz meets electric devil blues then listen on.. (We slightly overlouded the mic on the recorder so sound quality is a bit clippy in places.) Participants were: Limelight, Bill.I.Us, Ourouborous Bumblebee, Grey Rasputin, Metaldogz, Mariana Trenchcoat, Monosapian.


March Equinoxidental Jam
Ebbs and flows, seasons cycle and new gods inevitably creep up to replace the old only, in turn, to follow them into the tender abyss. Participants were: Mariana Trenchcoat, Metaldogz, Grey Rasputin, Monosapian, Ourouborous Bumblebee, Bill.I.Us


February ’16 Jam
A smaller gathering to welcome Ourouborous back home after a spell of unhealthness. All are well and glad to be so. Participants were: Ourouborous Bumblebee, Bill.I.Us, Grey Rasputin, Mariana Trenchcoat, MetalDogz, Monosapian.


Nearly New Year Jam
Hot on the heels of the Midwinter jam was a packed house for a post-Winterval festive season meet, rounding off 2015 with a bumper crop of 11 jamsters shredding, 10 loopers looping, 9 drummers pounding and flood defenses around a pear tree (in Oxfordshire). Participants were: Metaldogz, King Nat, R-Kid, Mariana Trenchcoat, Grey Rasputin, Quisling S, Limelight, Quisling R, Monosapian, Ouroubourus Bumblebee, Bill.I.Us.


Midwinter Solsticeish
In the deep midwinter on the far side of the River of Madness, Ouroubourus Bumblebee gathered together a band of brave tidal water braving souls to celebrate the return of the sun. This is their tale, told through the medium of slightly confused improvised acoustic tunebothering. Participants were: Ouroubourus Bumblebee, R-Kid, Mariana Trenchcoat, Metaldogz, Bill.I.Us.


December New Moon 2015
A time of cycles coming full circle, exhaustion and the opening of doors; some people coming and others going. Sadness, beauty, life and death. This was a strange one, no mistake. Our tiny band in our old little town battered by the floodwaters, playing through the Winters’ dark with fingers numb and, in some cases, elbows inexplicably raw. No one ever knows what tomorrow will bring so everyone who can should make music with joy, love without condition and dance in eternal celebration. Here endeth the lesson but the what-comes-next is just beginning. Participants were: Quisling R, Metaldogz, Grey Rasputin, Monosapian, Bill.I.Us.


November 2015
Music from a very windy day. Participants were: Monosapian, Mariana Trenchcoat, Metaldogz, Quisling R, Ouroubourus Bumblebee, Bill.I.Us, Grey Rasputin.


October 2015
As Lancaster town reels to the beat of fresh meat strange sounds amalgamate.. Additional unexpected noisemerchanting from Quislings’ R and Rb add that little extra something to push up the weird quota, delight and delirium get it on with discord.
Participants were: Ouroubourus Bumblebee, Mariana Trenchcoat, Quisling R, Monosapian, Grey Rasputin, Quisling Rb, Metaldogz, Bill.I.Us.


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