The Decadent Marsupials is a fluid accretion of musicians, loafers and general ne’er-do-wells who mostly inhabit Lancaster on the rain lashed coast of Morecambe Bay. We consist of old friends, new acquaintances, total strangers, sons, lovers and hope to one day applaud the ordination of one of our contributors as a priest in a popular world-wide ancient religious movement of a most catholic (def: all-embracing) nature.

But we are not orthodox. We include pagans, buddhists, christians, discordians, occupyarians, green activists, scientists, hippies and skaterz in our number and welcome anyone who fancies having a bash at musical instrument, even if feel if they no appreciable talent. Especially if they feel they have no appreciable musical talent in fact, as in that churning chaos occasionally something wonderful can thrive.

Our contributors include:

Endendros Bacchus (guitar/bass/keyboard/percussion)
Limelight (synth/percussion)
Ouroborous Bumblebee (percussion/vocals)
Quisling R. (guitar/effects/vocals/synth)
Mariana Trenchcoat (percussion/vocals/guitar/keyboard/drum kit)
King Nat (guitar/percussion)
Demeter Cachinnate (flute/percussion)
Grey Rasputin (guitar/keyboard/bass/drum kit)
Metaldogz (keyboard/synth/drum kit/bass)
Quisling O. (bass)
Bill.I.Us (guitar/bass/percussion/keyboard/vocals/drum kit)
Father Stefan (guitar/bass)
MonoSapian (bass/mandolin/guitar/percussion/synth/vocals/cello/drum kit)
Entirely Sane Al (percussion)
A>T>A (flute)
Qusiling Rb. (synths/drum machine/weird electronic noises)
C{o}N (bass/exposition)
R-Kid (harp/percussion/keyboard)

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