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Marsupial Happening Saturday 12th July

There’s going to be an electric jam at Monosapian HQ, nestled between the estuary and the industrial wastelands on the fringes of Lancaster. From around 3pm until late(ish) and we understand there may some kind of Full Moon gathering happening on the tidal flats that evening, so if hanging out around a fire pit with a bunch of fellow oddities is your thing then why not wander down?

As ever food will be provided but feel free to bring along something to add to the feast and any beverages you have a need to consume. Unless it’s tea, we have that already.

UPDATE: Isolated so far from the jam we have (in no particular order) SuperThunder PatrolMaester, Poppers and Pigshit, Sun Mixer, God Name Red, Midnight Fetch, Fractional, Pentacost in E Minor, Terrorducktail, (Must have been) Those Mushrooms I Ate, Plastered to the Glass Ceiling, Full Moon, Giddy Kipper Maroon 002, Mothership Fuckers. And there’s another 2 hours of recordings yet to go through..

Why do this?

“Why do this to us, to yourself?” The invisible choir roars.

Why WordPress; a website; even bother with the pretense that anyone cares at all? Well, every other talentless fucker on the internet seems to think someone is paying attention so who are we to buck the trend?

Hell, you may well have asked Van Gogh why he painted, no-one was buying and it just gave him earache. Ok, bad analogy, swap Van Gogh for a painter no-one had every heard of, drop the self mutilation pun and it’s probably a better comparison.

Our jam ethos was originally built around the fact that many of us quite enjoyed playing music but were quite shy and, to be frank, musicians can be pompous pricks, so many of us had shied away from playing with others. One of our number for example had been playing for nearly two decades and had never actually fully disclosed to his friends entirely because of a fear of being judged.

So fuck that we say. Our music isn’t created for an audience, for feeding into some better-than-thou ego-wank musical one-upmanship bollocks, we do it for fun. Yes it’s mostly bloody awful scree, but every now and again we stumble on something that we like and, more importantly, we enjoy playing.

And we love playing it with you, the unformed, random principle. We love anyone (musician or not) who is happy to turn up, join in and agree to the unspoken consensual rule : no one is in charge. We don’t do your music, you can by all means turn up and play something you’ve written but don’t get tetchy when it morphs hideously out of all recognition – we won’t care or apologise as we’ll be enjoying the chaos too much. The more the merrier, the wilder the clash of instruments and styles the better. We hope we’re inclusive, we aim to be encouraging and above all we always try to be gracious hosts.

And by the way if you don’t like it that’s fine. If you think it’s technically infantile you may well be right. I probably don’t like your music either but I’ll readily acknowledge skill, courage and the fact that some people are just wankers and we don’t want to play that game anymore.

My current new favourite.. Stung by an elk

“Stung by a elk” was recorded at the May 2014 jam using a new set up. In an explosion of scrounged, purchased and cobbled together technology we tried our usual live jam but with each instrument routed through an 8 track digital recorder.

This created a few issues for our percussion contingent (relegated to the drummers corner aka – the kitchen) and meant those playing electric instruments didn’t hear the sound through their individual amps but through wall mounted speakers. Which may have sounded better, if they’d both worked.

Bill.I.Us’s contact at a local seat of learning insisted they both were at the point they were torn off the lecture theatre walls.

Bearing in mind that half the contributors couldn’t hear what the other half were doing the results weren’t too bad. Plus the ability to digitally record up to eight simultaneous tracks means we can mix, EQ, compress and effect after the event. And all those knobs, sliders and faders…. yum yum!